Friday, February 4, 2011

Posh Party Gal Tells All ~ assigned seating

This week we received a fabulous question:

Q: I am planning an intimate dinner/house warming next month and I recently connected with an old friend that is single and a little shy. So I was thinking of having assigned seating and breaking up couples. Is this a good idea?

A: Absolutely!!  Especially when it comes to entertaining in your home, mixing things up a little always make for great ice breakers and conversation pieces.  For example, split husbands and wives or significant others up - they can talk to each other when they get home.  Or put someone who may be timid next your a bubbly friend - this will put your shy friend at ease and make them feel more welcome.

This also gives you a great opportunity to be creative with place cards at the table - do something fun that matches your cuisine or color scheme.  Here are some fun place cards ideas that I love:



jemmacolemanphotography said...

Interesting idea! I love the place settings. :)

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