Wednesday, September 30, 2009

party paper

I just acquired 2 of the most fabulous party invitations lines...I just had to share!
First, Karen Adams Designs - gorgeous invitations for all occasions, all with a touch of glitter (my favorite). Some of the invitations show intricate details like raffia, silk ribbons and real chains on little purses. So cute! What we also love about Karen Adams Designs is that all of her papers are Environmental Choice and/or made with Green energy. What could be better?!

The second line I am thrilled to showcase is the party album from Allie Munroe. Their invitations are sleek & modern with a punch of fun! I love how they mix printing in letterpress, offset, silk screening & engraving. Something so unique are the acrylic invitations - sure to surprise your guests. These lucite invites scream "unexpected' - wouldn't you love to be the one throwing that party!?!!

Both lines available at Posh Paper. Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

tropical decadence

Wanted to share this gorgeous cake by Sylvia Weinstock we had for a tropical themed wedding at the Breakers. Every flower on this cake is edible - made from sugar. It was like a piece of art in the room....almost too pretty to cut.